Leading Electrical Provider Digitally Transforms Access Control and Streamlines Operations

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Leading energy provider implements the Guardian solution to address their numerous access control challenges.
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This leading energy provider, faced numerous challenges in managing access control and streamlining operations across their extensive user base. With over 1910 employees and 390 contractors, they needed a comprehensive solution to address their key pain points, including no function for self-service access requests, no integration between HR, IT badge admin and physical systems, decentralized system management, and more. Alert Enterprise stepped in to provide a cutting-edge solution that not only resolved these challenges but also delivered significant business benefits.

CIP Compliance Objectives:

  • Automate HR and IT/OT System Integration
  • Automate Quartely Access Reviews
  • Automate Training and PRA Expiration Reminders
  • Remote Badge Printing Facility
  • Direct Provisioning Physical and Logical System
  • Centralized Self-Service Portal
  • Training and PRA Validation
  • Assignment and Revocation Audit Maintenance


  • 1900+ Employees and 390 Contractors require access to multiple facilities with no self-service function for access requests
  • The HR, Physical Access Control, Badging and Active Directory systems operate in silos and are not integrated
  • Granting and managing access for the HR and Security teams is a costly, time-consuming manual process that causes delays and frustration

Alert Enterprise Guardian Streamlining Access Control & Operations

The Alert Enterprise Guardian platform empowered managers with a browser-based interface for requesting and approving access for their teams. The portal not only facilitated smooth access control but also recorded business justifications for every action taken, ensuring transparent decision making and audit compliance.
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The Guardian Solution

One of the critical challenges faced was the need to integrate their HR system with their physical and logical systems. Alert Enterprise’s solution seamlessly automated this integration, eliminating silos between the customer’s HR, Active Directory (AD), and physical access control system. The solution enabled policy-based data processing, ensuring accurate and efficient data flow across systems.
Automating new hire, termination, and transfer processes was crucial for improving operational efficiency. The Guardian platform provided automated workflows for new hires, ensuring that access privileges and badges were issued promptly. Similarly, when employees left or changed roles, access termination and transfer processes were streamlined, reducing administrative burdens and minimizing the risk of unauthorized access.
As a leading electrical company, they needed a centralized system that encompassed all Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) assets. Guardian delivered a comprehensive solution that allowed centralized account management for CIP EMS, ensuring robust security across the organization’s critical assets.
The Guardian platform provided their team with extensive reporting capabilities, including audit data, data validation reports, training compliance reports, and reports to meet regulatory mandates such as PRA (Personnel Risk Assessment). These reports not only ensured compliance but also helped them make informed decisions and drive continuous improvement.
Guardian’s browser-based portal empowered managers to request access for their teams effortlessly. Administrators and asset owners were able to maintain additional notes for requests and manage quarterly data reviews. Approvals and assignments were backed by business justifications, ensuring transparency and accountability.

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“Alert Enterprise has provided us with a centralized, automated system that has improved our operational efficiency and streamlined our access control processes. We now have a comprehensive solution that not only meets our current needs but also provides us with the flexibility to adapt to future challenges.”

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Measuring Your Return on Investment with Guardian.

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