Leading electric utility provider powers up its Visitor Management system with the Hyperscale Cloud

Save energy, secure spaces

As a leading energy provider for 130+ years, this investor-owned public utility delivers electricity services to 15 million people across 50,000 square miles. With 24,000 visitors to its 113 lobbies in 2023, how can this organization protect its people and assets, ensure a seamless guest experience from registration to check-out, and consistently maintain NERC-CIP compliance?

A light-bulb moment

With 45,000 identities to manage, this utility company needed to amp up its security posture with a jolt of cyber-physical power. Enter a Visitor Management solution that moves both people and business.

Our power move

In March, the Alert Enterprise team deployed a Visitor Management system that empowered guests with mobile check-in and self-service kiosks while securing lobbies through automatic vetting and validation services. The team also implemented the entire application on the Guardian Hyperscale Cloud (HsC) platform for maximum scalability.

Charging forward

With Guardian Visitor Management, this utility provider can enable easier registrations, print paper badges automatically, download check-in/check-out reports, maintain watchlists, scan multiple driver licenses and send NERC escalation emails as needed. The best part? All this automation makes for more compliant, secure – and financially successful – workplaces.

Here’s a bright idea

The next digital transformation could be yours. Want to see watt we can do?