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Alert Enterprise Partners with Top US Children’s Hospital and Research Facility to Enhance Visitor Identity Management

A close up of a doctor inputting information into his IPad.
An esteemed children’s hospital and clinical research facility in the United States recently selected Alert Enterprise to deploy its advanced enterprise Visitor Management cloud platform. With the hospital welcoming 600,000 visitors annually, its primary objective was to strengthen its security across multiple channels, elevate the visitor experience, maintain audit data, and simplify badge processing for physical access. Alert Enterprise’s platform not only achieved these goals but also ensured proactive enforcement of vital security, safety and privacy policies beyond the pandemic era.

Creating an Unforgettable First Impression

As a pediatric referral center for a four–state region, the hospital boasts a pediatric hospital, a research institute (with four locations), seven regional specialty clinics, a primary care clinic, and 28 outreach sites and clinics. With the opening of its latest research institute, the hospital now caters to the most extensive region of any children’s hospital in the country. However, the lack of a centralized system across lobbies or locations meant that the hospital’s security was at risk of several critical gaps before Alert Enterprise came on board.

Making Safety Automatic

With Alert Enterprise’s Visitor Management platform, the hospital now enjoys an automated visitor identity lifecycle from pre-registration to check-out. The platform offers visitors the opportunity to pre-register online through hospital hosts and sponsors and walk-in to register via self service kiosk software that features ID scanning technology and easy-to-use screens.

Only a month after deployment, the hospital was already processing over 20,000 users and 10,000 visitors using Alert Enterprise’s Visitor Management platform. The platform also boasts certified integrations like SAP SuccessFactors, Microsoft Active Directory and Lenel OnGuard, ensuring a seamless security convergence across the hospital’s HR, IT and Physical Security systems.

Discover Our Epic Approach to Visitor Management

In healthcare, compassionate care is paramount and the top priority is ensuring the safety of everyone, from hospital guests and patients to doctors, nurses and staff. Alert Enterprise’s Visitor Management solution digitally transforms IT and physical access to secure all touchpoints, enabling this major children’s hospital and research institute to focus on what they do best – providing top-quality care to thousands of children.