Global expansion of corporate badge in Google Wallet™ with Wavelynx & Alert Enterprise – now in India!

June 17, 2024

Wavelynx and Alert Enterprise are truly revolutionizing workplace access with the introduction of the corporate badge in Google Wallet, now available in India. Together, we are thrilled to announce the first implementation of this innovative feature at the Alert Enterprise offices in India. Alert Enterprise employees can now add their corporate badges to Google Wallet, making workplace entry fast and effortless.

The process of adding a badge to Google Wallet is straightforward. Employees simply need to download the Alert Enterprise app and follow the instructions to add their badge to Google Wallet. To use the badge, employees wake up their phone (without unlocking it), hold it up to the Wavelynx reader, and wait for the blue check mark to appear on their screen. It’s that simple.

Melissa Stenger
Chief Strategy Officer

“Wallet adoption is here, and now in India, too!  Facilities of all sizes are integrating wallet credentials into their security solutions. This unparalleled user experience, combined with superior provisioning and enhanced security, not only reduces costs but also strengthens overall security. This deployment ensures everyone has access without limits and shows our commitment to partnerships and delivering seamless, secure solutions.”

Reta Booij
Alert Enterprise
VP of Marketing

“With this deployment, we are enhancing security and simplifying access for our employees. Our partnership with Wavelynx reflects our commitment to providing unified, seamless, and secure access solutions that cater to the evolving needs of workplaces globally.”

With this launch, Wavelynx and Alert Enterprise are setting a new standard for global workplace access, enhancing security and convenience for employees in India.

Read the full announcement of Google Wallet’s expansion to India here.

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