ServiceNow selects Alert Enterprise to transform physical security

May 24, 2024

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In the fast paced world of technology and business, partnerships are the invisible threads that connect to foster strong, resilient outcomes. ServiceNow CSO Brian K. Tuskan recently tasked Alert Enterprise with solving the organization’s critical challenges around physical security and access control. This collaboration not only highlights the strength of our solutions but also underscores the immense value they bring to organizations worldwide

The challenge

When Brian took on his role at ServiceNow over a year ago, he faced significant challenges: The organization lacked an agile access control system, which made it difficult to secure identities, enforce access policies, and manage visitors effectively. ServiceNow needed a robust, scalable solution that could seamlessly integrate with its existing workflows and enhance physical security operations.

The solution

Recognizing the need for a transformative solution, Brian turned to Alert Enterprise, and our team went to work addressing these challenges. we delivered a comprehensive and scalable cloud solution that was built into ServiceNow’s screens and workflows. Alert Enterprise Guardian on the ServiceNow platform

The Last Mile in workforce experience and workplace access automation

Alert Enterprise Guardian on the ServiceNow platform provides multi faceted benefits, delivering the Last Mile in workforce experience and workplace physical access automation. Out of the box use cases include:

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The outcome

This partnership digitally transforms ServiceNow’s physical security operations, making the organization more agile and efficient. Tuskan expressed his gratitude for the collaborative effort, highlighting the significant improvements achieved through this strategic alliance.

Looking ahead

ServiceNow isn’t the only organization wanting to unify and simplify their access control. Designed to solve businesses’ physical security challenges, Guardian on the ServiceNow platform enhances operational efficiency and ensures a robust security posture tailored to meet the specific needs of CSO and CISO departments. Ready to secure your own transformation?