Expanding mobile access with Google Wallet: a partnership between Alert Enterprise and Wavelynx

March 14, 2024

We’ve entered a new and exciting era of frictionless mobile workplace access. NFC Wallet Mobile Credentials solutions have opened doors (quite literally) to easier, quicker, more secure access through NFC Wallets. This means safer access to our corporate spaces, secure printing, logical access to the network, and even mobile-powered snack time at the office vending machine…the use cases are endless and go beyond anything that’s possible using plastic badges. And if sustainability is a priority, the enormous potential reduction in plastic waste is an instant business driver.

Access credentials in Google Wallet.

Alert Enterprise is expanding its NFC Wallet portfolio collaboration with Wavelynx, bringing access credentials to Google Wallet across Corporate Badges and Student IDs. Using the Alert Enterprise AE Wallet app, users will now have fast, secure credentials in Google Wallet for everyday access to essentials all at the convenience of their Android device. Access credentials in Google Wallet allows users to keep everything protected in one place, no matter where they go. In partnership with Alert Enterprise and Wavelynx, Android users can simply present their phone to a Wavelynx Ethos™ reader to gain access. It’s that simple.

“Excitement surges as Wavelynx embraces Google Wallet alongside Alert Enterprise, paving the way for unparalleled customer access across diverse use cases. And with the Wavelynx Ethos reader, accommodating credentials saved in Google Wallet becomes seamless and the future of secure, efficient access is now at our fingertips.”

Robert Lydic, President of Wavelynx

The Alert Enterprise Guardian platform connects key IT systems like Single Sign-On (SSO) and HR software, with NFC Wallet access credentials, Wavelynx readers and Physical Access Control Systems (PACS). The result? The entire NFC mobile wallet credential lifecycle is seamlessly managed in one place, so your security team can ensure the most secure front-end experience alongside total back-end control. Think better automation, smarter data and all-around stronger governance.

Better together: 
the Alert Enterprise and Wavelynx partnership.

When asked about Alert Enterprise in partnership with Wavelynx, Willem Ryan, SVP of Marketing and Communications stresses the importance of our similar missions and values, “We allow our customers to either use systems that they have or integrate into systems that they want to bring in. We don’t lock anyone down.”

Our organizations share a similar vision, giving you the power to choose what systems you want for your organization without being locked into a proprietary solution. Alert Enterprise and Wavelynx integrate together to ensure that you have the ability to create an end-to-end technical ecosystem, tailored to your specific needs. Together, we aim to contribute to the modernization of the access security industry and continue to grow in our partnership.‍

The way forward.

2024 will perhaps mark the inflection point of an era for frictionless mobile workplace access. An era of safer access to our corporate spaces, secure printing, logical access to the network, and even mobile-powered snack time at the office vending machine. Now is a great time to look ahead and provide business value to your organization by converging systems and creating new ways to look at access security such as NFC Wallet.

NFC Wallet provides value to your business with more security, automated distribution, multi-functionality, a better user experience and of course: interoperability. Together, Alert Enterprise and Wavelynx are innovating the interoperability of access security and ensuring that you will always have limitless access control for your business.

Let’s transform.

Just think: soon, you could be up and running with the latest security automation. Ready?