Unlocking the Future of Infrastructure Security: Alert Enterprise and SAP’s Trailblazing Edge-to-Cloud Collaboration

September 1, 2023

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In the wake of emerging cyber-physical threats and the rapid evolution of edge computing, ensuring robust critical infrastructure security has never been more paramount. Recognizing this urgency, Alert Enterprise, the AI-driven total workforce security solution provider, and the global tech giant, SAP, have expanded their strategic partnership. The goal? To enhance security across critical infrastructure from edge to cloud.

The Collaborative Venture.

Both entities will pool resources to merge cyber-physical access governance, risk assessment, and compliance  measures tailored for edge-to-cloud settings. At the heart of these groundbreaking solutions is SAP’s Business Technology Platform (BTP). BTP delivers insights, actionable recommendations, and workflows, all derived from the wealth of data provided by edge devices.

Jasvir Gill, the visionary CEO of Alert Enterprise, underscores the challenges and opportunities this partnership seeks to address. “ As cyber-physical attacks and security breaches become increasingly frequent, our Guardian Converged Security Platform, built on BTP, will empower critical infrastructure organizations to effectively mitigate complex cyber-physical attacks and insider threats. This collaboration facilitates not just optimal management and security, but also the effective utilization of the total workforce and data, from edge to cloud, at an enterprise scale.”

Harnessing Collective Strength.

There’s plenty of talk about preventing malicious outside attacks – and for good reason, as indicated in the example above. But what about the threats lurking inside company walls?

According to recent data, 90% of organizations feel vulnerable to insider attacks (Insider Threat Report, Cybersecurity Insiders). Whether it’s a violent incident or theft of organizational data, these attackers know all the company intricacies and can act without triggering suspension. And if IT, OT, HR and physical security systems aren’t talking to each other, these insider crimes will continue to occur. The integration of SAP’s centralized platform with the distributed intelligence of edge devices—enriched by analytics—marks a promising leap for infrastructure security. Michael O’Donnell, the SVP & Head of Digital Supply Chain at SAP North America, resonates with the excitement of this promising venture. “We are excited to embark on this transformative and innovative journey with our partner, Alert Enterprise. This collaboration showcases our commitment to security, enabling organizations to strengthen their defenses and safeguard their critical assets effectively. The possibilities that this partnership brings are truly exceptional, and we look forward to empowering our customers with unparalleled security measures and delivering a brighter, more secure future.”

Alert Enterprise is currently in the advanced stages of development of the new BTP services centered around intelligent edge-to-cloud computing. Some notable features include:

• Cyber-physical security alerts and controls

• Predictive maintenance and monitoring

• AI-based risk scoring, insider threat detection, and response


These advancements will be 
demonstrated at the upcoming SAP for Utilities event in Chicago, IL, hosted by ASUG.

For a deeper dive into this partnership, head over to the Alert Enterprise and SAP partner page.