Making Security a Business Enabler – How to Create a Security 360 Program

June 27, 2023

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In the fast-paced, digitized world we live in, security has taken center stage as an uncompromising necessity, its importance reverberating louder than ever before. The modern narrative is littered with stories of compromised user experiences resulting from lax security measures, the fallout of which varies from stinging financial loss to devastating reputational damage. It’s become increasingly clear to enterprises and their security teams that a comprehensive 360-degree security strategy doesn’t merely shield precious information, safeguarding reputation and brand image. It also paves the way for exciting opportunities for revenue augmentation, heightened engagement, and dynamic business enablement.

Yet, in a confounding contradiction, security teams often find themselves at the end of the line when budget approvals roll out, as businesses have historically pushed other areas to the forefront. This is a dangerous game in our hyper-connected world where the sanctity of data and privacy are paramount. Short-term cost-saving measures or a compartmentalized, fragmented approach to security – akin to diligently locking the cyber-IT door while leaving the operational technology and physical doors flung wide open – are high-risk gambles. Businesses must confront a hard question: are they willing to stake their invaluable assets on the shaky grounds of chance?

Businesses must shift their perspective.

Security isn’t a burdensome expense, but an invaluable investment in shielding their operations, fortifying their reputation, and preserving customer trust. The staggering cost of a security breach can eclipse the investment needed for robust security measures. Therefore, it’s imperative for businesses to place security at the top of their priority list, dedicating an adequate budget, and ensuring that security teams have a seat at the decision-making table from the word go.

Adopting a proactive, all-encompassing approach to security, marked by regular security audits, continuous employee training, and staying abreast with cutting-edge security technologies and best practices, is indispensable in guarding against the constantly morphing threats in today’s fluid threat landscape.

In the grand scheme of today’s interconnected world, security stands as a vital pillar more than ever before. Businesses need to elevate security from an overhead expense to a strategic enabler, investing in all-round security measures to protect their prized assets, their reputation, and their customer trust. By championing a proactive and holistic approach to security, businesses can successfully circumvent risks and stay one step ahead of looming threats.


The future of security awaits!

Stay tuned for insights on how to construct a comprehensive Security 360 Solution, incorporating a practical approach for Converged Cyber-Physical Security.