ServiceNow and Alert Enterprise Unify IT

March 15, 2022

A physical card being utilized to access a building.

COVID-19 has triggered a significant shift in the way organizations address the Security and Safety of their workforce. Sensing the urgency, IT, HR and Physical Security leaders realize the days of operating in silos are over – it’s time to embrace convergence. In this time of unprecedented change, Security Convergence is proving one of the most effective ways to protect the workforce, enforce company policies and maintain business resiliency through automated, cross-departmental collaboration. 

As return-to-work strategies take shape, companies are fundamentally reassessing how to manage physical access governance to comply with COVID-19 driven Security and Safety mandates. And once opened, businesses need an accurate, real-time data-driven view of workplace and workforce readiness. Managing the data manually takes too much time and is error-prone – two things businesses can’t afford right now. 

ServiceNow and Alert Enterprise have teamed up in a new connected IT-HR and Physical Security solution that helps businesses deliver data-driven exposure risk response to support a safe and secure return to the office. 

“ServiceNow quickly mobilized to support employees and customers during the pandemic, innovating and delivering the capabilities they need right now,” said Deepak Bharadwaj, vice president & general manager, Legal and Workplace Business Units at ServiceNow. “The ServiceNow Safe Workplace suite pulls data from multiple sources, including badge data from Alert Enterprise, to paint a complete picture that helps enterprises safely bring employees back to work.”


The ServiceNow Safe Workplace Suite integrates Alert Enterprise Guardian platform’s physical access events and analytics to help identify and respond to employee exposure risk levels with data-driven Contact Tracing. Physical access analytics also enhance Safe Workplace data so businesses get a complete view of their readiness to reopen.

With the ServiceNow and Alert Enterprise partnership, organizations can both improve the experience when it comes to workplace access and address Security and Safety across the entire enterprise – enabling them to reopen with confidence.

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