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Frictionless and Secure Tenant Access for Better Workspace Strategies

Facilities and real estate management executives are under pressure to deliver ever-greater levels of performance across enterprise facilities, while finding further costs savings. With Alert Enterprise solutions, you can achieve greater situational awareness and risk management, while elevating your Real Estate organization with integrated facility capabilities and business processes that go beyond security to provide the most sought-after, value-add services across all your tenant and leased locations.

Our solutions for Real Estate Services help you secure and automate physical access to your buildings for tenants, contractors and visitors while yielding analytics that reduce risk and optimize the footprint of your facility.

Alert Enterprise Solutions

Alert Enterprise goes beyond traditional access and identity, implementing analytics, space utilization and enterprise process optimization with valuable services for tenants. Our Workspace Intelligence solution delivers essential space utilization insights so you can identify areas of cost reductions, improve efficiency and draw on new potential revenue streams.

Workspace Intelligence Software

It’s a national statistic that average space utilization is below 70%, wasting precious real estate square footage and costing an organization money. Maybe it seems you’re always looking for more space, so something seems off. Turns out, many enterprise facilities and corporate real estate teams struggle to optimize their workspaces – until now.

Workspace Intelligence leverages big data, machine learning and predictive analytics to seamlessly aggregate and analyze data sources across HR, IT and Physical Access Control Systems (PACS). It accurately captures and measures workspace occupancy, utilization and optimization. Think about your facility and its actual occupancy — if you have a high rate of workers and your space is occupied only one or two days per week your space is underutilized and actually at a higher per-tenant cost. With leading-edge analytics from Workspace Intelligence, you gain the insights that might support moving the workforce to another location — renting out the other space.

Flexible and secure, Workspace Intelligence can be scaled easily to fit an organization’s utilization requirements — from a few floors to a national or global enterprise portfolio of facilities. You get the big picture — and the ability to offer all the additional perks to your real estate clientele in an unrivaled portfolio of services.

Features & Benefits

  • Deliver better utilization of onsite tenancy for cost savings and profitability
  • Gain key insights about your building
    occupancy trends
  • Move to greater profitability by reassigning
    under-utilized areas
  • Leverages badge swipe technology for analytics
  • Drill down dashboard for occupancy by region, location or department
  • Supports big data platform for global deployment
  • Allows administrators to manage multiple companies (contractors, vendors, service providers) while keeping data separate and segregated
  • Manages vehicles, parking access and physical asset details for the tenant identities
  • Enables tenant administrators to manage access requirements of their own on-boarded identities, while the host organization maintains the authority to centrally enforce policies and track access-related activities of the tenants
  • Enables self-service processes for end users to request access for tenant specific areas as well as common areas (e.g. health club, canteens)
  • Built-in audit reports for automated compliance and tracking reports and histories
  • Cumulative reporting for comprehensive property management data across tenants and properties
  • Visitor processing via common lobby with tenant specific compliance and rules

Workspace Intelligence Software (cont.)

With Guardian, you can easily customize access to the right person and location — making sure high risk areas are only accessible by personnel with the proper credentials. An integrated self-service portal gives users the ultimate control — allowing authorized signers to submit new company and tenant information for easy access credentials. Tenants can also authorize personnel to act as Signatories for their organization — and directly manage workforce and visitor access along with other requests. Enterprise Guardian software simultaneously connects with multiple access control systems allowing you to proactively enforce uniform policies across all facilities, sites and locations.

With a secure and simplified process, Enterprise Guardian software allows authorized tenant personnel to on-board/off-board their own workforce physical identities. Seamless integration with Visitor Identity Management enables you to centralize all aspects of the tenant, visitor and contractor identity lifecycle simply and effectively

It’s easy for tenants to designate multiple access levels while
segregating a specific portion of the employee population
to certain areas only. These permissions can be changed at a
moment’s notice by Tenant Coordinators with Enterprise Guardian software and the integral self-service portal. Tenant coordinators can also leverage the self-service option to change the access dates or revoke cardholder access.

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