Critical Infrastructure Under Attack: New Report Details Emerging Security Risks, Path to Protection

May 12, 2023
Critical infrastructure

As the threat landscape increases and becomes more complex, critical infrastructure organizations are becoming increasingly vulnerable. A report recently released at the 38th Annual General Assembly of the International Security Ligue, Cyber-Physical Security and Critical Infrastructure, found that many critical infrastructures have not coordinated adequate protection activities or consistently invested enough in security. Siloed cyber and physical security systems have left these organizations susceptible to detrimental attacks in the physical world. By making security a shared responsibility among stakeholders, the world’s most critical systems can protect their people, assets and infrastructure from escalating threats.

For these essential organizations, security convergence is the only way forward – and it’s the heart of everything we do at Alert Enterprise. Our zero-trust, cyber-physical platform takes a holistic approach to security, wiping out the silos across enterprises. With our new AI-powered Guardian SOC Insights solution, critical infrastructures can transform physical security data into important insights that help them stay ahead of risk. And our interactive and intuitive dashboards provide security teams with a complete view of all the incidents that need investigating, helping them turn hours into minutes. Reach out to our team to discover how you get up and running in weeks – no rip and replace required – with a converged approach to security.

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