Automotive Leader Kicks Factory Operations and Safety Into High Gear

May 24, 2023

In the automotive industry, one minute of downtime equates to $22,000 in losses—a harsh reality that one global automotive leader understands all too well. With a workforce of approximately 100,000 employees spanning across Mexico, the United States and Canada, the manufacturing giant embarked on a mission to ensure 100% uninterrupted operations on the factory floor. To accomplish this, they sought a comprehensive, AI-powered solution that addresses automated, secure and compliant workforce experience and access to boost productivity and reduce cost across all its corporate buildings, manufacturing plants and assembly line floors.

Don’t worry, we won’t bury the lead. The clear winner was Guardian by Alert Enterprise—a single security platform providing real-time security governance and monitoring.

Securing total workforce experience and access —at the speed of AI:

By delivering advanced AI capabilities, Guardian will protect this auto-manufacturing operation by automating the mitigation of risks across physical security, information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) systems. This holistic and automated approach ensures that security measures are proactive, adaptive and capable of addressing emerging threats in real time. Guardian allows the organization to have complete visibility and automated policy enforcement at an enterprise level, securing not only their internal workforce but also external workers and visitors across their plants and corporate offices. Real-time monitoring enables the identification of potential vulnerabilities, suspicious activities, or security attacks, helping this auto- manufacturer take immediate action to mitigate risks and minimize damage.

Empowering workforce dynamics and real-time data:

In this complex organization, understanding the dynamics of the workforce is crucial. Guardian empowers the company with real-time data, providing insights into the deployment of employees and external workers throughout the entire enterprise. The company gains valuable information about each employee’s location, purpose, access permissions and the timing of their access. Knowing where, why and how each employee is deployed across the entire enterprise, what access they have, and why and when they need this access is absolutely critical to their operations.

Implementing a zero-trust model for physical & OT security:

Traditional physical access control systems (PACS) often default to providing “all the time” access to facilities, which doesn’t bode well for those aiming for uninterrupted factory operations. By leveraging Guardian, this auto manufacturer will implement a zero-trust model for physical and OT security using identity attributes, roles and policies to determine access in real-time at the door. This approach allows for granting “just in time” access to facilities with critical assets, such as factory-owned devices. By minimizing unnecessary access and letting only the right people in at the right time, the company reduces the risk of security breaches and enhances operational efficiency.

Substantial cost savings and increased productivity:

One of the most significant benefits the company expects from implementing Guardian is the potential for over $100 million in cost savings. By optimizing workforce management, streamlining security operations and preventing disruptions, they can minimize downtime and associated losses. With Guardian’s real-time security governance and monitoring capabilities, the company can ensure maximum factory uptime and boost productivity.

Our favorite savings hacks:

  • Automate manual, labor-intensive and error-prone tasks
  • Empower employees with self-service options
  • Deploy Guardian using existing systems (no rip or replace required)
  • Redirect employees to higher-value work


With Guardian, auto manufacturers gain real-time data insights, a zero-trust model for security and substantial cost savings. By protecting auto-manufacturing through AI-powered security, visibility and risk mitigation, the solution enables automotive companies all over the world to achieve their goal of uninterrupted factory operations. In an industry where every minute counts, Guardian ensures companies remain at the forefront of innovation and efficiency. Contact us to drive your business forward with the latest in AI-powered security and automation.

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