1. First Impressions

You know the saying about first impressions. Alert Enterprise Visitor Identity Management (VIM) software makes a powerful first impression for your customers, prospects, vendors, partners and workforce. It’s the first touchpoint for your guests. Self-service pre-registration portals and lobby kiosks deliver easy and secure registration, check-in and check-out, lessening the burden on security personnel and providing a smooth experience for visitors.

2. Friction-Free Security

VIM empowers your enterprise to deepen its engagement with visitors while elevating security. It simplifies access governance, fosters integration with other systems and platforms, including Physical Access Control (PACS), and offers smooth credentialing without frustrating delays. Registration and check-in are further enhanced with mobile devices, self-service stands and facial recognition technology. Find out how to go frictionless here.

3. Compliance Comes Easy

Audit, risk and compliance are all covered, folded fully into the process with automation. VIM actively enforces company policies and compliance standards, including industry specific content packs with built-in best practices and regulatory controls. Powerful audit and reporting tools help you create reports in minutes, making auditors happy. Automated policy-driven background checks provide real-time vetting of contractors and employees against watch lists while validating and identifying policy violations.

4. Harness the Entire Identity Lifecycle

Fully integrated with our Enterprise Guardian physical identity and access management platform, VIM delivers a complete identity lifecycle process enterprise-wide. The entire identity workforce lifecycle is secured from pre-registration to final offboarding.  VIM helps employees, visitors and contractors stay compliant, ensuring they only have access to what they need. Credentials and access automatically expire and are taken offline when access is no longer needed, reducing risk. See the full potential when combined with Enterprise Guardian here.

5. Security Accelerates Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation (DX) is dramatically improving the economics and performance of every enterprise. Identity, trust and security are now at the heart of DX, making it easier and faster to engage customers and partners, create amazing experiences and offerings, and level-up operations.  VIM is part of a bigger movement that makes security a true business enabler and foundation of DX. Discover how security can accelerate your digital transformation here.

6. Unified, Converged Platform

Cyber-physical convergence eliminates silos between departments, tasks and processes. Real-time integration with leading Physical Access Control (PACs), HR, Training, Ticket Management, IT, Industrial Control and SCADA systems compile all the insights and data needed for top enterprise situational awareness. VIM delivers a holistic identity lifecycle process and workflow enterprise-wide, connecting and automating across IT, Operational Technology and physical security applications. Fully integrated across your enterprise, it reduces risk while providing situational awareness on who’s in the facility and why. With VIM, you can create engaging experiences, increase compliance and reduce risk from a single platform.

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