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Following 9-11 the transportation industry has been working tirelessly to address the mounting pressure to meet federal mandates and the public’s expectation for improved security. The current economic conditions combined with lower passenger and freight revenue are forcing airports, sea ports and freight terminals to extend the life of their existing legacy applications including access control, video surveillance and employee background check systems. Add to this the need to integrate alerts and events from container security imaging applications and employee credentialing programs like TWIC (Transportation Workers Identity Card). None of these systems were designed to be integrated. Add to this automation systems with their own consoles that manage port operations, security, building control and power management. You can see the daunting challenge of trying to detect threats to the continued flow of people, commerce and goods.

AlertEnterprise has the ability to integrate with Physical Access Systems, Identity Management Systems and Human Resource applications that can verify employee backgrounds, certifications and vendor management applications. Thousands of access points, hundreds of employees and contractors, varying levels of security from highly access controlled areas airside, to moderately controlled areas open to the public - all need to be monitored. What we deliver is an application that can scale to the challenge – being able to detect and identify threats that viewed separately might not be cause for alarm, but when correlated and analyzed paint a picture of blended threats that must be neutralized now.



  • Deliver common interface for onboarding employees, contractors and visitors integrated with ERP and HR
  • Check access authorizations across special no-fly or at-risk databases and TWIC
  • Manage compliance with MTSA, DHS, C-TPATS, and CFATS for transport of dangerous materials.
  • Secure employee and contractor access to container yards, port facilities protective relays, telecom and pipelines
  • Perform real-time risk analysis prior to provisioning and during normal operations
  • Ensure that terminated or high-risk personnel do not have continued access to critical facilities
  • Incident Management and Response with geo-spatial mapping and video surveillance feeds
  • Built-in guidance on how to respond to unfolding incidents


  • Detect, notify and prevent incidents including thefts, sabotage and acts of terrorism
  • Geo-spatial monitoring for effective response and risk remediation
  • Most comprehensive view of risk combining logical and physical security with location based context
  • Reduce cost of compliance – eliminate silos and duplicate spending