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The Smart Grid includes millions of advanced meters, sensors, remote terminal units (RTUs), phasor measurement units (PMUs), fault indicators, and intelligence that enables the two-way flow of information and electricity. The promise of Smart Grid is to deliver higher transmission transfer capacity, integration of intermittent renewable energy sources, more efficient and effective maintenance practices, faster outage restoration, better workforce management and more visibility into consumption combined with value-added services for consumers.

Challenges within the utility space are intensifying exponentially. Meeting demand and supply is only the tip of the iceberg; Managing compliance, sustaining efficient security posture without bearing an effect on neither availability nor the operational environment has seized precedent. As the utility infrastructure becomes increasingly mission critical to today’s businesses and consumers, it is important to maintain continuity of service, while continuing to drive additional security efficiency into the utility operations.

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  • Protect data and privileged access to smart meters, gateways, head-ends and aggregated meter data.
  • Secure the connection points where renewable energy sources feed into the grid
  • Identify and secure cyber and physical access to cyber assets, critical assets and facilities.
  • Secure access to SCADA, DMS, EMS and other real-time control applications.
  • Monitor terminated and high-risk employee access to cyber assets and facilities
  • Monitor and actively respond to unfolding incidents in real-time via next generation geo-spatial situational awareness capabilities
  • Deliver risk management and compliance automation for multiple regulations like NERC-CIP, CFAT, NIST SP800-53, ISO 27002 etc.
  • Integrate seamlessly with SAP, Oracle ERPs, IAM Systems, CIS Systems, OMS and Workforce Management.
  • Identify risks and monitor access to future smart grid value-added services such as Plug-in Electric Vehicle (PEV) charging stations and access points.


  • One security solution for the entire energy value chain capable of managing risks across IT, Physical Access and Industrial Controls.
  • Correlate seemingly innocent events to resolve blended threats and vulnerability as well as detect and intercept adverse events.
  • Situational awareness and real-time incident response with geo-spatial Locational intelligence and mapping
  • Active policy enforcement guarantees continuous compliance with regulations and standards like NERC-CIP, CFATS, NIST SP800-53, ISO 27001/27002 etc.