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IT-OT Security Convergence

The linkage of IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology) creates many opportunities to enhance operational effectiveness, deliver real-time information to the enterprise and accelerate the supply chain. All of these benefits however do come with a downside. IT and OT when combined together do open up new vulnerabilities and expose new methods of being compromised by internal or external threat actors.

AlertEnterprise delivers security solutions that allow companies to continue to streamline their operations while protecting the most critical operating assets from complex threats that include cyber, insider threat as well as external attacks.


AlertEnterprise provides a comprehensive solution that provides security for Cyber and SCADA systems. Our solution is designed to not only assess systems security, but it can prevent any potential of future threats. AlertEnterprise Sentry provides Administrators with ability to safeguard critical systems and ensure readiness. Our solution can automatically block remote or local access, close ports, send notifications anytime a security policy is violated. Security policies can be configured easily within the solution without complex code or queries.

Our solution provides correlation of cyber, physical and industrial events from multiple sources like US-CERT, ES-ISAC, iDefense and other intelligence sources. This helps ensure all potential threats are blocked before they reach your network. With AlertEnterprise Sentry solution, system administrators can easily automate cyber and SCADA systems’ security.

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Security Intelligence

Enterprise Sentry™ from AlertEnterprise provides a unified Security Awareness and Situational Intelligence Suite that delivers Security Intelligence across the domains of Cyber Security; Physical Access to facilities and assets; and Operational Technology like SCADA or Industrial Control Systems. Consolidated cyber, human and asset intelligence delivers un-matched abilities to correlate threats and deliver smart decision support to interdict events before they occur, and mitigate the impact from incidents that are underway.

In additional, Enterprise Sentry provides visual risk detection with geospatial monitoring, event correlation and alerting accelerate informed response, while delivering true situational awareness and incident response.

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Compliance and Risk Management

Many organizations are taking a risk-based approach to security and compliance. Standardized frameworks can provide an organization a way of benchmarking their program and monitoring progress.

AlertEnterprise deliver a complete compliance automation solution that is optimally designed to include standards and regulatory frameworks dealing with operational systems, asset-based industries and other critical infrastructure environments. The compliance offering from AlertEnterprise includes OT Compliance Validator and Compliance Express. Additionally, AlertEnterprise provides a number of industry-specific content packs that cover regulatory content, common workflow definitions and roles defined specific to the industry

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