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The commercial nuclear industry is reeling from the changes proposed as result of development of new orders related to access authorization, fatigue rules, training and design basis threats. Enhanced requirements for cyber security involve collaboration with physical security functions. Already the nuclear industry has to comply with regulations from NRC as well as best practices from NEI and INPO. Additionally licensees must now meet NERC CIP and FERC security regulations as well - almost immediately. AlertEnterprise delivers a software solution that delivers a common control and risk repository to rationalize controls across multiple regulations (nuclear and non-nuclear), enabling a risk-based approach to automating compliance and enforcing policy while reducing costs significantly.

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  • Security for commercial nuclear installations is quite complex.
  • Critical Digital Assets (CDA) need to be identified and configured for security
  • Physical Access Control systems exist in silos.
  • Insider threats exist from those who have access to Industrial Control Systems in the plant.
  • All modifications require physical security review.


  • Compliance automation and active policy enforcement for 10 CFR 73.54, 73.55, NRC RG 5.71
  • Support for NEI Templates
  • Implement and track BrightLine initiatives to demarcate NRC / NERC regulatory boundaries
  • Access Authorization
  • Fitness for Work / Fatigue Rules
  • Verifying background checks and certifications prior to provisioning access

Solutions Benefits

  • Only application that combines IT security, physical security and control systems security.
  • Remain up to date as requirements change over time.
  • Single unifying application that can deliver full regulatory compliance as well as security risk management.
  • Delivers a continuous monitoring and reporting environment that assists with active policy enforcement.
  • Reduced cost of compliance and continuous process improvement for managing risk.