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AlertEnterprise delivers a next generation solution to meet regulatory compliance for Food & Beverage industries. Food & Beverage Industries are required to comply with various regulations which are unique from other industries. Strict compliance guidelines, if not followed, can result in stringent fines. Our solution provides ability to meet not only many compliance regulations, but also lower inventory and ability to track employees, contractors, warehouses and departments.

In addition, Food & Beverage industries can also benefit from AlertEnterprise solutions such as true end-to-end management of the identity lifecycle across multiple enterprise applications, including HR applications, IT Systems and Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) to effectively automate badging operations and manual processes. AlertEnterprise also provides monitoring of critical SCADA systems which are unique to food & beverage industries.

Our solution applies to various sectors, including Alcohol Beverages, Baby Food, Concessions, Food Processing, Food Safety, Labeling & Packaging, Restaurants and Retail & Distribution.

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Solution Features

  • Prevent cross contamination by correlating physical and logical access
  • Protect intellectual property with access re-certification and roles-based access control
  • Automate Multi-Reg. Compliance to including FDA, USDA, CBP, FTC & EPA
  • Correlating Process Changes to Physical and IT access Monitoring Access to High Risk Areas, validate training, certification and safety awareness
  • Monitor process change management

Solutions Benefits

  • Single unifying security application the extends across IT security, physical security and production
  • Reduce compliance and audit costs while actively enforcing policies
  • Detect, notify and prevent incidents including theft, sabotage and acts of terrorism
  • Geo-spatial monitoring for effective control, response and risk remediation
  • Most comprehensive view of risk combining logical and physical security with location based context