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$755 Billion worth of Chemicals are produced in the United States annually. Over 500,000 hazardous material shipments are conducted during the same time. An infinitesimal fraction of this in the wrong hands can cause a highly visible event capable of wide-spread devastation. Every effort must be made to protect the production, storage and transport of chemicals.

Following the trends of other process industries, chemical producers and handlers have integrated their process plants with the business via corporate networks. The plant no longer operates in an island. Most security technologies have been developed for corporate networks and cannot be installed in real-time environments without impacting operational reliability. AlertEnterprise delivers an add-on solution that can secure enterprise IT applications, plant applications and deliver a continuous monitoring solution that can prevent sabotage, acts of terrorism and other malicious incidents.

AlertEnterprise is the only software that can uncover security threats across IT systems, physical access controls and industrial controls without adversely impacting the performance or reliability of the industrial process and provide real-time incident response and situational awareness.

To address insider threat, AlertEnterprise conducts background certification checks and conducts risk analysis prior to enabling access to critical areas, assets, devices and applications needed for operations. Additionally AlertEnterprise ensures that terminated employees no longer have physical or logical access to system, facilities and assets. Companies that are trying to do this today have procedures that are manual, time consuming, costly and cannot scale.

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  • Identification of blended threats across multiple domains of IT, Physical and Industrial Controls.
  • Integration with SAP, Oracle and other enterprise applications
  • Risk Visualization with Geo-Spatial Risk Monitoring and Incident Management.
  • Compliance Automation for regulations and standards like CFATS, NERC CIP, NIST SP800, MTSA, C-TPAT and ANSI / ISA 99, as well as business regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI DSS and FERC.
  • Monitoring of Insider Threat and employee / contractor access.
  • Streamlining On-Boarding / Off-Boarding processes.
  • Software add-on layer that works with existing applications.

Solution Benefits

  • Deliver true security across all facets of the enterprise.
  • Visualization enables better alignment between business and security objectives.
  • Faster response to unfolding incidents minimizes adverse impact to business.
  • Remedial action strategies deliver knowledge to responders allowing managers to focus on mitigation.
  • Deliver active policy enforcement along with regulatory compliance.
  • Reduce compliance costs, protect reputation and eliminate fines.