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AlertEnterprise delivers a next generation Airport Solution combining Identity and Situational Intelligence which includes continuous monitoring of Enterprise Access Management, Incident Management and Insider Threat. The Airport Solution enables true end-to-end management of the identity lifecycle across multiple enterprise applications, including HR applications, IT Systems and Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) to effectively automate badging operations and manual processes.

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AlertEnterprise Delivers a Next Generation Solution:
AlertEnterprise automates complex airport processes to effectively comply with Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requirements, including No-Fly Lists, background checks, badging and credentialing. AlertEnterprise delivers powerful risk-modeling and insider threat prevention capabilities to automate access review for compliance and risk analysis. . The Airport Solution delivers situational intelligence through incident management, reporting and remediation leveraging multi-level workflow notification across all existing systems. By analyzing behavior across IT, Physical and Control Systems, AlertEnterprise enables an organization to discover and resolve potential incidents before they evolve into serious threats.

Solution Features:

Identity Intelligence Management
  • Identity Intelligence capabilities to visualize risks and assign mitigation controls
  • Unify access requests across multiple systems, including streamlining on-boarding/off-boarding
  • Conduct complete risk analysis, background checks and ensure compliance prior to provisioning
  • Manage roles across ERP, legacy systems, badge access systems and control systems
  • Automate user access certification and comply with policies, procedures and regulations
  • Provision access for IT applications and physical access, including biometrics and smart cards (i.e. TWIC)
  • Powerful workflow, policy and reporting

Logical and Physical Roles-Based Provisioning
  • Comprehensive provisioning capabilities across all existing Physical Access Systems (PACS)
  • Real-time provisioning to IT and Physical Access systems for active policy enforcement
  • Extensive provisioning functionalities for badge creation, badge assignment, badge assign access levels and type, badge lock, badge deletion, and more!
  • Complete integration with biometrics and predictive analytics

Situational Intelligence and Incident Management
  • Automate response and allow first responders to gain situational intelligence via integration of CCTV cameras, duress alarms and geo-spatial infrastructure maps
  • Automate activity and behavior monitoring across Airport technology infrastructure

Insider Threat Prevention
  • Enable airport security and operations with an automated process to detect, deter and respond to insider threats through automated risk analysis, prevention and remediation
  • Prevention, detection and resolution of information leak and sabotage in real-time


  • Prevent Insider Threat
  • Reduce operational cost and complexity
  • Automation of workflow/processes
  • Risk-based user access management
  • Multi-Regulatory Compliance

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