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Physical Identity and Access Management

AlertEnterprise provides a unique solution for Physical Identity and Access Management like no other vendor. Our solution allows management of physical identities across multiple Physical Access Control Systems and provides full integration with a number of IT applications, such as LDAP and SharePoint.

Our solution is proven to reduce risk and complexities for industries such as Oil & Gas, Utilities, Government and Federal, Airports, and others.

Corporate Badging

AlertEnterprise provides a solution to effectively manage Physical Badging processes to provide a common access/platform for identity management. Our Physical IAM solution can integrate with your existing PACS so there is no need to replace existing hardware. In addition, our solution provides capability to integrate with multiple Access Control Systems from different vendors.

Different methods for identity management and access card provisioning, encoding and printing and supported out of the box. In addition, AlertEnterprise can integrate with internal and external “do not admit” lists. Our solution is defined to provide flexibility in processes and configuration.

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Airport & Federal Badging

Airports and Federal Agencies are entangled with manual processes today. These processes depend on applications that run in siloes to provide security. Manual operations tend to be error prone processes and allow lapses in security. AlertEnterprise provides a unique solution for Airports and Federal agencies to provide identity credentialing and automated badging processes for onboarding, change of access and termination.

Through proper identity credentialing and lifecycle management, airports and federal agencies can cut down the decision time and service costs to establish an identity. By enforcing policy through the automation of the workflow, AlertEnterprise helps increase operational efficiency and a higher level of security.

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Visitor Management

AlertEnterprise provides a self-contained Visitor Management system that provides integration with third party applications for a holistic approach to managing access and credentials of visitors. Our solution provides a simple and customizable way to register visitors and issues badges and track their access.

Our solution also provides ability to automatically register visitors, integrate with document scanners, watch-lists and training management systems. Our Visitor Management Tool also includes a self-registration visitor kiosk.

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