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Guardian Visitor On-Premise

AlertEnterprise Cloud Visitor Management
Guardian Visitor is an add-on module for the Guardian Physical Identity and Access Management Solution. Guardian Visitor is a comprehensive Visitor Management application used for managing access and credentials. It supports the ability to manage and deny admission based on watch-lists or Do-Not-Admit lists while integrating with training management. Guardian Visitor registers visitors, issues badges and tracks their access. Support for third-party devices delivers the ability to integrate with document scanners and badge printers. The Guardian Visitor solution includes a visitor self-service kiosk based on a tablet interface.


Small to large enterprises and government institutions require management of visitor credentials. AlertEnterprise not only helps these organizations issue badges with appropriate access, it also automates many other tasks, including requesting escort, disable access after a specified time, monitoring of access and corelation of data from multiple systems such as Directory Services, Physical Access Control Systems and Video Management Systems to provide a clear transcript of a user’s activity.

Guardian Visitor provides detailed reports, maintains training requirements for visitors, and tracks non-disclosure documents. Additional capabilities include automatic scanning of credentials such as driver’s licenses, and verification for fast check in and enrollment. The kiosk interface for individuals and groups delivers a familiar, easy-to-use tablet interface.


  • Automated, policy-driven background check
  • Real-time risk analysis
  • Validation against Do- Not-Admit list
  • Pre-authorization with sponsor approval workflow
  • Self-service requests for visitor pre-enrollment


  • Automated Visitor Access Approval
  • Fast and easy visitor check-in for individuals and groups
  • Auditable visitor reports

Visitor Express Cloud

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Unlimited Visitors

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Standard Label Printer Support

Self Service Check In
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Add lobby staff (paid per user)

Automatic Data Entry
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Guest VIP List or Do Not Admit List

Badge Designer and Custom Forms

Support for optional
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Electronic Badge / Access Control Integration

HR and Directory
Services Integration


Visitor Express Cloud offers the same great functionality of our on-premise solution without the burden of having to manage your own data infrastructure. Our cloud solution runs on state-of-the-art data centers, with dedicated staff working around the clock to ensure your Visitor Management instance is always up and running. Avoid the hassles of installations, upgrades and maintenance and ensure your Visitor Management solution is up-and-running within minutes.


  • Same Great Benefits as on-premise Guardian Visitor
  • Near real time instance setup
  • Automated Billing
  • Automated Backups
  • Fully customizable User Interface


  • Access to visitor information at your fingerprints
  • Use existing workstations and hardware
  • Integration with third-party badge printers
  • OS/Browser Independent
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