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OT Compliance Validator

Asset-intensive industries are faced with complex security and identity management challenges. AlertEnterprise provides an innovative approach to combine Cyber, Physical and SCADA Security in a single software platform to deliver critical infrastructure protection from sabotage, intrusion, cyber-threat and insider threat.

AlertEnterprise® solves the fundamental issue of who has or should have access to critical systems and assets and automates controls to safe guards critical assets. Our solution delivers asset management, patch control, vulnerability assesments and real-time monitoring of critical systems to help Asset Intensive organizations remain compliant and protected from threats.


AlertEnterprise provides various out of the box solutions and business processes for Asset-Intensive industries like Oil & Gas, Utilities, Chemicals and Transportation for protection of critical assets. Our solution provides standalone Asset Repository, Document Management System, Assessment and Survey capability for validation/testing of controls, Workflow, Mitigation and Remediation, Automatic Regulatory Framework update and Industry Specific Content Pack.

In addition to protecting assets, our integrated solution enables customers to enhance operational reliability and respond instantly to a full range of advanced and persistent threats, whether from cyber, physical or insider sources.


  • Out of box Content Packs for various Industry Regulations
  • Automated Regulatory Update Notification Service
  • Out of the box regulatory framework, requirements, controls, processes and policies
  • Role-specific Dashboards and Reporting
  • Pre-packaged Industry Best practices
  • Version Control for Compliance Frameworks, Requirements and Controls


  • Critical infrastructure protection from sabotage, intrusion, cyber-threat and insider threat
  • Ability to automate operational compliance requirements
  • Meet stringent auditing policies