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Compliance Validator

AlertEnterpise provides a complete Risk Intelligence & Compliance Automation solution that mangages the process of compliance for Enterprises and provides insight into various risks and threat levels for personnel and assets. Enterprises needing to comply with operational compliance frameworks such as NERC CIP, CFATS, as well as process-centric compliance like Sarbanes-Oxley and CoBIT etc. benefit for this solution. AlertEnterprise uses a common platform for compliance automation and delivers a rich set of functions for compliance within the IGA context that includes monitoring of business process controls, IT controls as well as physical access and SCADA access controls as well.


Enterprises are always under the liability of two things – Compliance and Risk. Lapse of compliance and existence of risk can lead to losses beyond estimates. In addition, if these risks are carried out for the purpose of sabotage, dangerous situations can arise leaving enterprises crippled. AlertEnterprise provides a solution that addresses both of these problems to help comply with operational compliance frameworks. In additional, our solution provides complete Risk Intelligence for personnels, assets and enterprises. Our unique “Risk Scoring” engine can provide the risk threshold of any entity at any given time and help mitigate threats.