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Guardian Express

AlertEnterprise has created a uniquely packaged Identity and Access Management solution expressly for small to medium enterprises. Pre-packaged capabilities are easy to install, simple to deploy and do not create an undue burden on the support staff. Built-in industry packs can leverage pre-defined roles, workflows and other content. Guardian Express includes two connectors and will support up to 1,000 identities.


Guardian express is a pre-configured solution that allows organizations to automate the management of identities and access to systems, facilities and critical operating assets. Guardian Express includes management of the identity lifecycle across multiple logical systems and physical security systems, including identity governance, certification, automated, manual workflows and processes.


  • Access Request lifecycle
  • Role design, mining & lifecycle management
  • Recertification of enterprise access across physical & logical access
  • On-Boarding/off-boarding, employee & non-employee access management, identity repository & processes, identity mapping & user self service
  • Enables management of the identity lifecycle across multiple physical access control systems (PACS) automating badging operations & manual workflows & processes. Provides complete risk analysis prior to provisioning access to physical access control systems & facilities


  • Business, IT and Operations alignment
  • Standardization across geographically dispersed systems
  • Active Policy Enforcement for corporate and regulatory compliance