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Sentry iPSIM

PSIM – Physical Security Information Management, is a class of software that consolidates information from a variety of camera systems and generates alerts based on visual events.

Sentry iPSIM applies additional intelligence in the form of organizational identities, job functions and then applies behavioral and leverages risk analytics as well. Sentry iPSIM integrates seamlessly with multiple camera systems, and video management systems and presents physical security information in a unified manner. Sentry iPSIM consolidates visual, cyber, human and asset intelligence to correlate complex threats that are usually go undetected when employing traditional methods. Sentry iPSIM delivers smart rules-based decision support for the Security Operations Center (SOC) to mitigate any adverse impact from incidents that are unfolding. In some cases this capabilities may prevent an incident altogether.


The current approach to handling physical security using multiple disconnected solutions is not effective in identifying and addressing emerging threats. Disconnected systems cannot correlate of events to point out potential threats and problems. There are many PSIM solutions that aim to address the problem of physical security. Where physical threats have evolved, the traditional PSIM solutions cannot handle the threats which are becoming more sophisticated than ever before.

AlertEnterprise delivers a next generation PSIM solution that is intelligent in not only bringing multiple disconnected systems together on one unified screen, it helps address potential problems and threats using pre-defined policies and rules. In addition to connecting camera and video management systems, our solution integrates with Physical Access Control Systems, alarms and sensors to predict threats to control systems and other critical infrastructure.


  • Central unified dashboard to monitor all security information in one place
  • Intelligent and automated response capability
  • Unification of disparate surveillance systems
  • Integration with PACS, information databases, alarms and sensors
  • Leverage GIS information to instantly pinpoint incident locations
  • Rules-based environment provides automated response and decision support


  • Instant correlation of complex information
  • Identify previously undetected incidents
  • Support additional camera and surveillance capabilities with fewer staff
  • Better security effectiveness with fewer false alarms
  • Enhance return on investments in existing surveillance and sensor systems