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Sentry Cyber SCADA

Sentry Cyber SCADA/ICS (“Sentry Cyber” for short) is a unique Cybersecurity crossover software product that correlates threats from Cybersecurity, SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), Industrial Control Systems and DCS (Distributed Control Systems). These systems are prevalent in most asset-intensive industries like Utilities, Oil and Gas, Chemicals, Transportation etc. and are generally referred to as Operational Technology or OT.

Sentry Cyber also has the ability to integrate with IT Security Automation tools such as Vulnerability Scanners, SIEM (Security Event and Incident Management) Tools, IDS/IPS (Intrusion Detection / Protection) and Security Configuration Management. As part of the Enterprise Sentry family of products from AlertEnterprise, Sentry Cyber applies additional intelligence in the form of organizational identities, job functions and behavioral analytics as well. By combining physical security monitoring with IT and OT alerts and events, Sentry Cyber becomes the perfect solution to deliver Critical Infrastructure Protection.


Key pieces of information lie in different systems and there are too many dashboards to look at. By the time the security teams piece together the puzzle it’s too late. The attack is done and it is over. However the answer lies in correlating threats across the additional domains of physical security and Operational Technology (OT).

On the IT side, companies have armed themselves to the hilt with all kinds of security automations tools – VA Scanners, Anti-Virus, Malware Detection, CMDBs, IDS, IPS, SIEM, ESM and many others. The plain truth is that attacks still continue, occurring more frequently with more severe consequences. Just investing in yesterday’s cybersecurity solutions is not enough.

Sentry Cyber correlates threats across all these domains by leveraging existing security automation technology already in place. Sentry Cyber correlates cyber, physical and industrial events from multiple sources. Our solution can automatically block remote or local access, close ports, and send notifications anytime a security policy is violated. Security policies can be configured easily within the solution without complex code or queries.


  • Real-time monitoring of IT Security and SCADA systems and correlation to Physical Security
  • Aggregation of events, alerts and alarms for best response
  • Intelligent and automated response capability
  • Exception and anomaly detection


  • Detect and identify complex threats that would otherwise go unnoticed
  • 360-degree view of unfolding events and incidents
  • Ability to respond quickly to mitigate impact from unfolding incidents