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Enterprise Sentry

Enterprise Sentry™ Family from AlertEnterprise is a collection of products that deliver a unified Situational Awareness and Security Intelligence Suite that operates across the domains of IT, Cybersecurity, Physical Security and SCADA Industrial Control Systems.

With the widespread deployments of video surveillance and other sensor systems, detecting, identifying and responding to incidents in a timely manner is a huge challenge. Having a system in place that can eliminate false alarms, speed up response times and deliver guided response to incident handlers and responders can help mitigate serious adverse impact to the enterprise. Sentry iPSIM delivers these capabilities and more.

Cybersecurity for Corporate and Industrial environments has taken on a greater level of urgency. Complex threats require more sophisticated solutions. Sentry Cyber SCADA/ICS can integrate with a variety of security automation tools. Additionally, it includes events, alerts and alarms from SCADA/ICS to provide a holistic critical infrastructure protection solution.

Consolidated cyber, human and asset intelligence delivers un-matched abilities to correlate threats and deliver smart decision support to interdict events before they occur, and mitigate the impact from incidents that are underway.


Companies have armed themselves to the hilt with all kinds of security automations tools – VA Scanners, Anti-Virus, Malware Detection, CMDBs, IDS, IPS, SIEM, ESM and many others. The plain truth is that attacks still continue. They are getting more frequent and more damaging. There are too many dashboards to look at. Key pieces of information lie in different systems, by the time the security teams piece together the puzzle and find the few key nuggets of information, its too late. The attack is done and it is over.

Traditional PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) solutions are not capable of addressing this problem either. These solutions lack the intelligence and richness that comes from contextual awareness of correlating events, alerts and risks across multiple domains like IT Systems, Physical Entry events and Operational Systems. Being able to associate a risk score with a person’s identity, role and what critical assets they have access to, empowers security managers and SOC (Security Operations Center) personnel to make informed decisions specific to each situation.

Enterprise Sentry delivers a rule-based platform that can consolidate critical pieces of key information from underlying security automation tools and combine it with operational information to deliver a real view of what’s happening right now. Automated remediation steps can be initiated.


  • Centralized view of complex threats, events and incidents across cyber, physical and operational domains.
  • Automated decision support - prioritizes response based on risk and criticality.
  • Built-in response scripts guide responders on policy-based procedures to follow
  • Leverages existing physical security investments like access control and CCTV / Video Surveillance  


  • Aggregated Information from Vulnerability Scanners, Firewalls, Log Management and Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Rule-based intelligence to extract valuable security and operational information and deliver a super- dashboard that tells you what is actually going on
  • Include non-cyber clues such as human identity, physical location, critical assets, time of entry etc., to to eliminate false positives and validates alerts and events.