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Guardian Logical (IAM/IAG)

The current approach to handling enterprise security in silos is fraught with risk. AlertEnterprise has developed a solution to bridge the security gaps across these silos with a converged Identity and Access Management solution that extends beyond IT and enables you to manage and control user access risks across the entire enterprise.

An Identity Governance layer enables self-service capabilities to automate access requests, enforce policies, ensure compliance, enable delegated administration, as well as generate roles-based dashboards. AlertEnterprise combines the best of IAM with Compliance Automation to reduce security risks and eliminate costly violations.

For Access Governance, AlertEnterprise delivers powerful modeling capabilities to completely automate access review and re-certification tasks. Access reviews can be configured for varying schedules with multi-level workflow notification. Entitlement, role and user management tasks are simplified with Enterprise and Job roles for quick role assignment. AlertEnterprise IAM Solutions deliver next generation capabilities that include provisioning to the cloud, SaaS applications as well as physical access to assets and facilities.


Using a monolithic approach for Identity and Access Management to automate everything in its path has led to many solutions that are not well-suited to the enterprise. Identity and Access Intelligence capabilities enable a Business Layer that hides the complexity of integrating across multiple enterprise applications and delivers enhanced Business and IT alignment. Onboarding – Offboarding processes are simplified when access requests for multiple systems as well as IT and non-IT assets can be compared in single view. AlertEnterprise delivers a next generation Identity Intelligence and Access Management solution that enables true end-to-end management of the identity lifecycle across multiple enterprise applications including SAP and Oracle. Support for Directory Services, Strong Authentication and Single Sign-On satisfies enterprise requirements.


  • Usability for Business Users
  • Prevention of Risks via automated risk analysis
  • Active Policy Enforcement And Continuous Auditing
  • Convergence Of IT Security, Physical Security And Plant Silos
  • Enhanced Role Lifecycle Management
  • Extended domain Provisioning with Active Policy Enforcement


  • Streamline Onboarding, change of access and termination of employees and contractors
  • Automated Audit Reports
  • Automate key controls to prevent violations from occurring