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Fortune 500 / Global 1000 corporate locations as well as Infrastructure Industries such as utilities, oil and gas and chemicals have many facilities and operations frequented by employees and contractors. Today these facilities are protected and controlled using many types of physical access systems operated independently for each site or by third party security services. It is important that all members within these categories are certified and screened appropriately and screened for risk.

Organizations continue to have the need to manage security and to streamline how much application access employees and contractors can have based on their job function. Guardian Logical delivers Identity and Access Governance functions that delivers IT security while monitoring physical access as well.

For safety, security and compliance reasons, visitors to company facilities need to be managed as well. The Enterprise Guardian Family of products includes a Visitor Management product to address those needs.

The Enterprise Guardian Family of software products delivers enterprises, large and small, the ability to manage all of this for both Physical and Logical identity and access management. Business managers can now gauge risk and make decisions about how much access to grant certain individuals based on their roles. Active Policy Enforcement makes sure that adequate controls are in place prior to granting access across IT applications, physical facility access as well as access to operational plant systems. Enterprise Guardian delivers the most unique and comprehensive identity management platform that evaluates risk to the organization based on the type of access granted and the potential impact it could have.


  • Unified Access Request process across IT, Physical and Operational Systems (e.g. Plant, SCADA)
  • Automated Access Certification and Validation
  • Role Lifecycle Management
  • Federation, Single Sign-On and Password Management
  • Converged Identity Warehouse
  • Built-in Risk Management and Policy Enforcement
  • Role-specific Dashboards and Reporting


  • Business, IT and Operations alignment
  • Standardization across geographically dispersed systems
  • Active Policy Enforcement for corporate and regulatory compliance