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Airport & Federal Badging

Airports and Federation Agencies are entangled with manual processes today. These processes depend on applications that run in siloes to provide security. Manual operations tend to be error prone processes and allow lapses in security. AlertEnterprise provides a unique solution for Airports and Federal agencies to provide identity credentialing and automated badging processes for onboarding, change of access and termination.

Through proper identity credentialing and lifecycle management, airports and federal agencies can cut down the decision time and service costs to establish an identity. By enforcing policy through the automation of the workflow, AlertEnterprise helps increase operational efficiency and a higher level of security.


Both airports and federal agencies are daunted by diverse infrastructure and complicated security requirements. AlertEnterprise provides the much needed security infrastructure for Airports and Federal Agencies. Our solution makes it easy to not only implement security controls and processes, but also ensure that these controls are not being violated. Airport Guardian solution by AlertEnterprise is a world class identity management and badging solution that meets the need of sophisticated and heavily regulated federal agencies.

In addition, AlertEnterprise provides full lifecycle management of identities, including employees, contractors and vendors. Our solution integrates with a number of external, third party solution to provide a holistic identity credentialing and badge management solution. From identity provisioning, training management, audit management, access assignment, background and PRA checks, periodic recertification to badge management can all be handled within AlertEnterprise.


  • Full lifecycle management of identies
  • Active Policy Enforcement
  • Document Scanning and Verification
  • Integration with internal and external watch/do not hire lists
  • Audit logs and reports


  • Deliver a unified platform to issue temporary visitor badges with ability to revoke access at defined period
  • Ability to use a single badge for multiple Physical Access Control Systems (PACS)
  • Centralized repository to keep track of visitor accesses and identification documents
  • Reduce cost and reduce risk by eliminating overlap of function, extending the useful life of existing systems and enhancing overall security.