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Additional Capabilities



By implementing AlertEnterprise® Mobile solution, organizations can ensure that information is always readily available for appropriate authorities. Not all executives will have time to access the solution using a traditional web browser, this is the reason why AlertEnterprise Mobile is a must have addition to a company’s security landscape. Our mobile solution enables end users to approve or deny access requests, perform periodic recertifications, monitor security threats and access video feeds anytime.

AlertEnterprise mobile solution provides comprehensive security and integrated approval and provisioning of access remotely. Our solution can be deployed on a variety of mobile platforms, including Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile. Organizations can easily implement AlertEnterprise mobile solution by downloading apps from our secure website. AlertEnterprise provides enhanced security for mobile transactions to ensure data is always secure.

AlertEnterprise mobile apps are currently available for different Guardian, Sentry and Risk Intelligence solutions.

AlertEnterprise Additional capabilities - Mobile


  • Suppoted by multiple mobile platforms
  • Ease of use
  • Added benefits for IT administrators
  • Data reconciliation and offline support
  • Built in reports and dashboards
  • Enhanced security for data protection


  • Cost effective solution for quick deployment
  • Monitor key processes remotely while on the go
  • Continious access to reports and dashboards