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Additional Capabilities



AlertEnterprise® solution provides out of the box connectors that aggregate data and provision to and from over 200+ connectors. Our solution can connect with a wide variety of systems, including ERP solutions, databases, SCADA systems, logical applications, physical access control systems and others. By using AlertEnterprise, customers no longer have to manage multiple systems or even remove any of their existing applications. AlertEnterprise can facilitate management of third party solutions and applications by providing an easy to use GUI.

AlertEnterprise Additional capabilities - Connectors


  • Unified provisioning and data aggregation
  • Ability to connect with hundreds of third party solutions
  • Fully scalable to harvent data from and provision into home grown applications
  • Data reconciliation and extraction on demand
  • Built in data protection measures for reliability


  • Manage IT, Physical, Logical and SCADA applications from unified user interface
  • Replace or manage existing applications
  • Training and maintenance cost reduction