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Additional Capabilities


AlertEnterprise provides various Assessment services in areas of NERC CIP, NRC, NEI 08-09, NIST, DHS, CFATS and others. Our assessment services include Controls GAP analysis, Operational Security Effectiveness and Solutions Integration. Our experts help organizations remain compliant and secure, and provide design, installation and integration support.

Breakdown of different assessment services by AlertEnterprise is provided below –


Our main compliance auditing and controls gap analysis services offering, covering all of the main regulations/standards that our clients care about.

AlertEnterprise Additional capabilities - Assessment

Focus Areas

  • NERC CIP (Cyber Vulnerability Assessments, Physical Security Audits, Policy/Procedure Review)
  • NRC (NEI 08-09: Asset Identification, CDA Assessments)
  • NIST (800-53 Controls / NISTIR 7628 SmartGrid: As Part of Step 4 Assessments)
  • DHS Catalog of Control Systems Security
  • CFATS Risk Based Performance Standards

Also Known As

  • Controls Risk Assessment
  • Pre-Audit Analysis
  • Independent Verification & Validation
  • Policy/Procedure Analysis

(Are You Secure)

Our main security testing and vulnerability assessment services focusing on bringing context to threats facing our clients, exercising operational testing to expose weaknesses, and provide actionable remediation steps.

Focus Areas

  • NERC CIP (Cyber Vulnerability Assessments, Physical Security Audits, Policy/Procedure Review)
  • Network Centric (Ports/Services Scanning, Vulnerability Scanning)
  • Application (Web Scanning, App Scanning)
  • Device Configuration (Operating System Configuration Testing, Best Practices)
  • Infrastructure (Architecture Review)

  • Physical/Logical Penetration Testing
  • Facility Penetration Testing (Physical Breach, Perimeter Assessment)
  • Insider Threat Testing (Egress Penetration Testing, Data Exfiltration, Role Escalation)
  • External Threat Testing (Traditional White/Black Box Testing, Social Engineering)

Also Known As

  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Application Scanning
  • Web Penetration Testing
  • System Threat Analysis (Open Source Intelligence, Threat Heat Map)
  • Incident Response Effectiveness Testing (Scenario Based ‘Green’ Team)
  • Client Specific Threat Identification
  • Sensitive Data / Threat Exposure Assessment (OSINT)


AlertEnterprise provides various design, installation, integration and continuing support services for all our solution. Details about our training and support services are available at the following links  Training  |  Services

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