New Identity Management and Credentialing System takes flight at Fort Lauderdale Airport

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) recently implemented AlertEnterprise’s Airport Guardian platform to improve the efficiency of their badging process and overall customer experience. This was made possible through the automation of manual steps and notifications, real-time integration with external applications (like Telos ID and ILS training management system) and the elimination of paper application forms.

“At the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, safety is at the heart of everything we do,” said Frank Capello, Director of Security at FLL. “With the roll-out of AlertEnterprise’s next-generation airport identity management and credentialing system, we are not only increasing our workforce and customer safety, but improving their overall experience—reduced processing times, real time background checks and improved credentialing attribution.”

Now Boarding: Streamlined End to End Badging

Less back and forth is always more (especially at the airport). The deployment of the Airport Guardian platform has reduced the number of trips to Fort Lauderdale Airport’s Credentialing Center from three to two, which saves a significant amount of time. In some cases—such as with law enforcement—the number of trips dropped to just one.

Another perk? Decreased in-office processing times for media applicants. Prior to the new CMS shift, processing times at FLL reached as high as 90 minutes. With the appointment scheduler module, visits are optimized and they’re no more than half an hour, saving both time and resources (talk about a win-win).

Plus, background checks are a breeze. credentialing center personnel and authorized signatories can now receive them in real-time, and in some cases almost instantaneously.


Bigger and better capabilities? Check and check

With Airport Guardian, Trusted Agents and Authorized Signatories can live monitor and manage access to medias under their sponsorship—with immediate access to reporting and audits. And it’s time to bid hard files adieu with a portal database that digitally stores critical forms and information.


Future proofing

Airport Guardian platform offers solutions that comply with industry and federal standards for security and performance. Implementing new compliance requirements is quick and without disruption of operations.


Looking to land major savings

Best part: significant cost savings could very well be on the horizon. According to Frank Capello, the shift to using Airport Guardian has had major impacts on their bottom line due to reduced labor costs that are expected to come as a result of these new efficiencies.

Final call.

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