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Software Engineer

Location: Fremont, CA

Software requirements analysis, designing, coding, debugging and configuring of PACS (Physical Access Control Systems), Identity and Access Management for PACS or similar applications and systems architecture for mid to complex framework development. Analyzing, mapping and engineering complex business processes. Develops front-end connectivity to back-end relational databases for application data Resolves highly complex issues, conducts advanced research, and recommends innovations. Ensures completion of all development projects and deliverables. Reviews source code to determine root cause and recommends innovative solutions. Performs software performance benchmarking and design frameworks to integrate with SAP R/3 and GRC applications. Develops prototypes and proof of concept models to support and solidify design decisions. Analyzes business processes and assist with the mapping of process. Performs program technical design, coding, and testing and automation functions within the application development process. Works with mid to complex deployments in high availability IT system landscapes and scalability. Works with customers and users to evaluate, estimate and perform application development and/or business process change requests under the direction of the appropriate project manager. Uses structured methodologies throughout design, development, test and reengineering processes. Perform design, standards evaluations and application security validations and ensure standards are followed during development project.

Required Bachelors or foreign equivalent in CS, CA, CIS, IT, Engineering (Any), MIS, or any related field. Requires 5 years of experience in the job offered, Software Engineer, Developer, Manager or related Field. Must be able to travel/relocate to various client sites throughout the U.S.

To apply please send resumes to
HR Manager, AlertEnterprise, Inc., 4350 Starboard Drive. Fremont, CA 94538
or email resumes to

AlertEnterprise, based in Silicon Valley, uniquely delivers Information Technology and Operational Technology (IT-OT) Convergence for Corporate and Critical Infrastructure protection. AlertEnterprise uniquely eliminates silos and uncovers blended threats across IT Security, Physical Access Controls and Industrial Control Systems for true prevention of insider threat, fraud, theft, sabotage and acts of terrorism. AlertEnterprise delivers Enterprise IAM, industry-specific Operational Compliance Management, as well as Situational Awareness with continuous monitoring and incident management for effective response to critical threats and protection of critical infrastructure for various sectors including pharmaceutical/healthcare, utilities, oil and gas, airports, federal agencies, and many other industries. With the AlertEnterprise incident management capability, an organization is provided with complete situational intelligence so that seemingly innocent events when correlated across IT, physical and operational domains, can be simultaneously uncovered and resolved. With AlertEnterprise, organizations can leverage their existing IT systems, physical access control systems whilst managing security, risk and compliance for business applications, enhancing security and reducing risk from complex processes like onboarding and offboarding.