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Insider Threat

AlertEnterprise has developed a unique Insider Threat software solution that links Identity Management, Enterprise Applications, and Network Security etc. with Physical Access Control Systems, Badging, Video Surveillance and Operational Systems like SCADA. AlertEnterprise creates and maintains a risk score, much like a credit score, for each employee, contractor and visitor and automates their background checks, criminal history record, linkage to authoritative Federal identity sources so that no relevant information is missed when vetting individuals for access to privileged information.


Insider Threat comes in many shapes and forms, the perpetrator is often the same: a disgruntled or malicious contractor or employee. In a malicious attack, this threat actor will mislead the employer into thinking that the employee can be trusted, sometimes with control over the entire network or facility. Insider threat poses greater damage to our critical infrastructure, including our physical, logical and security systems.

The real differentiator is the ability for the AlertEnterprise to actively enforce policies like – automatically invoking additional surveillance when entering a high risk area; or allowing access to certain information only when they are badged in and physically present in a secured area or a SCIF (Secured Compartmentalized Information Facility). AlertEnterprise monitors access and behavior patterns and alerts when anomalies cross certain thresholds. Enabling rapid response mitigates the impact from incidents and in some cases prevents them entirely.


  • Manage Insider threat for IT, Physical Access Control and Critical Assets in a single interface.
  • Unify disjointed process of granting and removing access privilege in a single application.
  • Actively enforce policies with mitigating controls like video surveillance and proximity sensors etc.
  • Intercept and respond to Incidents in real-time


  • Comprehensive and thorough prevention of Insider Threat
  • Ability to conduct risk analysis prior to provisioning access
  • Applies risk management into the business and security process
  • Active Policy Enforcement delivers true security
  • Reduction in time and cost for detecting and resolving risk